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Supernova - computing cluster installed at WCSS (Wrocławskie Centrum Sieciowo-Superkomputerowe, WCNS - Wroclaw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing). The cluster is a part of PRACE Tier-1 infrastructure and EGI grid infrastructure (via national PL-Grid initiative).

Part of the cluster is accessible through PRACE as Tier-1 machine. The following description refers to this part.

Cluster hardware components:

  • access node,
  • service nodes,
  • 404 computational nodes (wn329 - wn732),
  • computational network - Infiniband DDR fat-tree full-cbb,
  • management network - gigabit ethernet.

Computational resources:

  • 4848 CPU cores,
  • >9,5 TB RAM (2GB/core),
  • ~247 TB storage (40 TB NFS + 207 TB Lustre),
  • node to node communication: throughput 20 Gbps, latency < 5 us.


cluster : Supernova
access node for PRACE users: (from public Internet) (from PRACE internal network)
disk space home/ (backup) : NFS 40TB
scratch/ (no backup) : Lustre
operating system : ScientificLinux
peak performance : 30 TFLOPS
nodes : access node computing nodes
CPU : Intel Xeon X3220 2.4 GHz
("Kentsfield", 65 nm)
Intel Xeon X5650 2.67 GHz
("Westmere-EP", 32 nm)
number of CPUs : 1x quad-core 2x six-core
cache L2 : 4MB 12MB
RAM : 8GB 24GB

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